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The Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Immanuel Hospital's Brandenburg Heart Center has been treating patients from the Berlin-Brandenburg area for the past 20 years. The Department offers all of the surgical procedures that are currently available to adolescent and adult patients. The Department also offers vascular and thoracic surgery procedures, which are performed at the same time as cardiac procedures (combined procedures). The total number of procedures performed has increased from an initial 1,000 procedures a year to a total of 1,500 procedures per year.

The Department has a very close working relationship with partners and colleagues from the fields of cardiology and angiology, both within the region and beyond. Staff from this Department are actively involved in research, and have repeatedly presented at national and international meetings, as well as having published numerous articles in both national and international journals. The Department is constantly striving to develop new procedures and to obtain additional research funding.

The Department of Cardiac Surgery - clinical treatment priorities: Coronary artery surgery

Coronary artery surgery

The range of surgical procedures we offer includes the treatment of acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) and acute myocardial ischemia resulting from a reduced blood flow through the coronary arteries. We also offer a range of minimally-invasive procedures for vein removal as well as minimally-invasive procedures to repair diseased or damaged blood vessels. Our 24-hour stand-by team ensures round-the-clock cover for emergencies.

Surgery to treat complications of coronary heart disease

Areas of special interest in this particular field include the replacement of the entire aorta (the full length of the aorta, down to the abdominal section), aortic dissections and interventions to treat acute endocarditis.

Optimal results through a holistic approach to treatment

We currently offer surgical procedures that are mainly for adult patients, and specialize in procedures to treat the coronary arteries (bypass graft surgery). Approximately 70% of all surgical procedures performed fall into this category, with heart valve surgery ranked in second place. The Cardiac Surgery Department specializes in the reconstruction of aortic valves and mitral valves.

An increasing number of patients undergoing heart valve surgery are now being treated with minimally-invasive procedures, i.e. procedures that use smaller entry sites and special extracorporeal circulatory support systems. The use of modern mini extracorporeal circuit (MECC) cardiopulmonary bypass machines also makes it possible to accommodate patients who wish to undergo surgery without the use of donor blood. As the life expectancy of people in Germany is increasing, so is the life expectancy of our patients - a development that has resulted in a marked increase in the number of combined surgery procedures performed. As the majority of these procedures combine heart valve surgery with bypass graft surgery, this has also resulted in the need for an increased number of vascular surgery procedures to be performed simultaneously.

As a result of this, and in order to ensure a holistic approach to surgical treatment, the Department is now also offering vascular surgical procedures involving the arteries, with other procedures on offer including those involving the entire length of the aorta. These procedures also involve the use of extracorporeal circulatory support systems, which ensure that brain perfusion is maintained during procedures involving the aortic arch.

Outpatient treatments available in the Department of Cardiac Surgery

Consultation before surgery

Our patients have access to specialist advice even before they have been admitted. By scheduling a consultation, our patients can find out details of any planned procedures as well as being able to discuss the benefits and risks involved. This service is also available to patients who are looking for a second opinion. Should you wish to make an appointment for a consultation, please contact the Head of Department's Office. 

To make an appointment, please ring Tel. (0 33 38) 69 45 10

Wound care

The Department of Cardiac Surgery also offers an interdisciplinary wound care service for patients with chronic wounds. Should you wish to make use of this service, please make an outpatient appointment to see our Wound Care Manager, Dr. Ralf-Uwe Kühnel. You can do so by contacting the Head of Department's Office.

To make an appointment, please ring Tel. (0 33 38) 69 45 10