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Every year, 1,500 open heart surgery procedures and more than 6,400 catheterization procedures are performed at the Heart Center's four catheterization laboratories. Our patients from the Berlin metropolitan area, the rest of Germany and from abroad all enjoy the benefit of expert medical and nursing care that is the result of 20 years of experience, and which is delivered by an excellent interdisciplinary team.

Our ambitions as a highly innovative healthcare provider mean that in addition to offering more conventional, established treatment options, we also offer minimally-invasive procedures that are particularly gentle on the patient. As collaborators on the prize-winning Fontane Project, we have also built considerable experience in the field of home monitoring, and currently have over 100 patients enrolled in a home monitoring program that extends from Bernau to Bahrain.

The Brandenburg Heart Center specializes in the following surgical procedures:

Cardiac surgery procedures

All cardiac surgery procedures are performed by highly qualified surgeons using modern technology, and include pacemaker implantation, heart valve surgery, bypass grafting and combined surgical procedures.

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Catheter-based procedures

Our Heart Center has four catheterization laboratories that are all equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to perform a large number of catheter-based interventions in patients with heart disease. The minimally-invasive nature of these procedures usually makes them particularly gentle on the patient.

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