Ward 5

The Cardiac Surgery Ward is responsible for the care of patients who are undergoing surgery for coronary artery disease (bypass graft surgery) and heart valve disease. The Cardiac Surgery Department specializes in the reconstruction of aortic valves and mitral valves. An increasing number of surgical procedures are now being performed using minimally-invasive techniques, which include procedures that use smaller entry sites as well as procedures that require the use of special extracorporeal circulatory support systems.

In order to ensure a holistic approach to patient care, the Cardiac Surgery Department is responsible for delivering vascular surgery procedures to all Cardiac patients who also require surgical treatment for arterial disease. Last but not least, the Department also offers surgical procedures involving the full length of the aorta.
Additional information on the Department of Cardiac Surgery

Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery: 

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Albes
Nurse Manager: Ines Milschus


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