Department of Nursing and Care Services / Patient Management

Our work centers on the individual patient and their specific physical, emotional and social care needs. We aim to provide the support and encouragement needed to cope with what is a difficult life situation.

Nursing and Care Services - our objectives

Our aim is to ensure that we provide the support required to encourage patients to regain their independence as quickly as possible, so that they can go on to live a fulfilling life.

For this, it is essential that we can establish a personal relationship with the patient that is built on trust. This is why we organize our work by rooms or areas, in order to ensure that every patient has "their nurse" to relate to and turn to throughout the day. We make this possible by ensuring that any tasks that are not directly related to caring for our patients are outsourced to professional internal and external service providers.

Our values and mission statement express our desire to ensure that we have the highest calibre of staff delivering the highest quality of care to our patients. The decision to draft our own guidelines on standards of care that has resulted in our standards becoming transparent and measurable, meaning that they can be monitored and evaluated. Our internal staff training program offers a varied program of high quality training, which enables our staff to keep up-to-date on medical and care-related knowledge. 

Quality, humanity, professional expertise and efficiency - those are the standards of quality that we aim for in our work at the Immanuel Hospital Bernau's Brandenburg Heart Center. For the benefit of our patients and out of love for life.

Detailed information on this Department

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Emergency numbers

  • Emergencies only:
    Our emergency room:
    +49 3338-69 45 21

Contact person

  • Dipl.-KS
    Birgit Pilz
    Head of Nursing and Care Services, Immanuel Hospital Bernau Brandenburg Heart Center

    PA to Head of Department Diana Pierenz
    Immanuel Hospital Bernau Brandenburg Heart Center
    Ladeburger Str. 17
    16321 Bernau bei Berlin
    T +49 3338 694-900
    F +49 3338 694-945
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